These are all resources we use to help us promote, make great graphics, share on our social networks, host our website, host our newsletter, and monetize our websites.


Reach new people on Facebook & Twitter for Free!

How we use it:

Once a week, we go on CoPromote and pick a post to boost.  Then we pick other people’s posts.  CoPromote lets us know when we’re running out of reach.  To gain more, we simply pick more posts to share…linked through Facebook or Twitter.  We’ve seen huge growth in our following and our subscriber list this way.


PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

How we use it:

When we need graphics, we turn to PicMonkey.  They offer both a free and paid options.  The paid option allows use of ALL graphics and fonts.  I also love being able to do quick resizes for various projects.  It’s amazing what we can accomplish with this online tool.


Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

How we use it:

Social sharing.  Man, it can be super time consuming.  Ah, but with Hootsuite, you can add all your groups, create a post, and then schedule it to be sent out to all the groups selected.  If you’re super organized you can schedule days, weeks and months in advance.  Go on vacation, but still make money.  Use for Facebook and Twitter.


How we use it:

We have a $9.95 subscription which allows us to host as many sites as we’d like.  Right now, we have six sites running seamlessly.  For that price, it’s a bargain.  There are other packages, but we’d rather have no limitations.  Sites can be set up quickly and painlessly.  They have an awesome chat support.  Seriously can’t say enough nice things about them.



How we use it:

We use Aweber for our Budget Bookworm Daily Deals email blast.  We also use it for the weekly Reviewer Program.  We can customize templates to make our emailing so much easier.  And with Aweber, we’ve grown our lists at a rapid pace with no trouble whatsoever.




How we use it:

Advertising.  Infolinks is just another way we monetize our site.

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